USEFUL LINKS TO HELP WITH STATE PRESENTATION (listed from most to least helpful):

Google Safe Search Do not start with this, but may be useful to search "famous baseball player from Florida," for example. Find the capital and some facts. Click on the state. On the left there might be some info. on Hispanic influence in this state. (select "states edition") Facts about states. Facts on states. Find Famous Hispanics and see if they're from or living in your state. Por favor (please), share with other groups if you find someone from their state. A list of Hispanic Americans in the U.S.A. More mouse over state and find info. about the number of Hispanics living there.
Select a state from this list (the map does NOT work), and then hit the red button "go." Then, scroll down to find the # of HIspanics in the state.

No longer working, but check back next year:

Pronunciation practice for Spanish part of presentation:

Practice saying a greeting like:

"Hola, buenos días".....or "Hola, buenas tardes"

"Me llamo __."
Les presentamos el estado de .................
(We present to you the state of.................)

La capital de ....... es................
(The capital


REPASO (REVIEW) of 3rd grade content

A Prezi about Hispanics in the U.S.

Watch the Expansion of the U.S.

What is Latino/Hispanic? Who fits this category?

What's the difference between the words "Latino" and "Hispanic?"

For Mateo y Antonio:

For Srta. Kelly: